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Amazon Redshift components

tAmazonRedshiftManage Manages Amazon Redshift clusters and snapshots.
tRedshiftBulkExec Loads data into Amazon Redshift from Amazon S3, Amazon EMR cluster, Amazon DynamoDB, or remote hosts.
tRedshiftClose Closes the transaction committed in the connected DB.
tRedshiftCommit Provides gain in performance.
tRedshiftConfiguration Reuses the connection configuration to a Redshift database in the same Job.
tRedshiftConnection Opens a connection to the specified database that can then be reused in the subsequent subJob or subJobs.
tRedshiftInput Reads data from a database and extracts fields based on a query so that you may apply changes to the extracted data.
tRedshiftLookupInput Reads a Redshift database and extracts fields based on a query.
tRedshiftOutput Writes, updates, modifies or deletes the data in a database.
tRedshiftOutputBulk Prepares a delimited/CSV file that can be used by tRedshiftBulkExec to feed Amazon Redshift.
tRedshiftOutputBulkExec Executes the Insert action on the data provided.
tRedshiftRollback Cancels the transaction commit in the Redshift database to avoid committing part of a transaction involuntarily.
tRedshiftRow Acts on the actual DB structure or on the data (although without handling data), depending on the nature of the query and the database.
tRedshiftUnload Unloads data on Amazon Redshift to files on Amazon S3.

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