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Amazon S3 components

tS3BucketCreate Creates a bucket on Amazon S3.
tS3BucketDelete Deletes an empty bucket from Amazon S3.
tS3BucketExist Verifies if the specified bucket exists on Amazon S3.
tS3BucketList Lists all the buckets on Amazon S3.
tS3Close Shuts down a connection to Amazon S3, thus releasing the network resources.
tS3Configuration Reuses the connection configuration to S3 in the same Job. The Spark cluster to be used reads this configuration to eventually connect to S3.
tS3Connection Establishes a connection to Amazon S3 to store and retrieve data.
tS3Copy Copies an Amazon S3 object from a source bucket to a destination bucket.
tS3Delete Deletes a file from Amazon S3.
tS3Get Retrieves a file from Amazon S3.
tS3List Lists the files on Amazon S3 based on the bucket/file prefix settings.
tS3Put Uploads data onto Amazon S3 from a local file or from cache memory via the streaming mode.

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