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Firebird components

tFirebirdClose Closes a transaction with a Firebird database.
tFirebirdCommit Commits a global transaction instead of doing so on every row or every batch, thus providing a gain in performance.
tFirebirdConnection Opens a connection to the specified database that can then be reused in the subsequent subJob or subJobs.
tFirebirdInput Executes a database query on a Firebird database with a strictly defined order which must correspond to the schema definition then passes on the field list to the next component via a Main row link.
tFirebirdOutput Executes the action defined on the table in a Firebird database and/or on the data contained in the table, based on the flow incoming from the preceding component in the Job.
tFirebirdRollback Cancels the transation committed in the connected Firebird database.
tFirebirdRow Executes the stated SQL query on the specified Firebird database.

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