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Vertica components

tVerticaBulkExec Loads data into a Vertica database table from a local file using the Vertica COPY SQL statement.
tVerticaClose Closes an active connection to a Vertica database.
tVerticaCommit Commits in one go a global transaction using a unique connection instead of doing that on every row or every batch and thus provides gain in performance.
tVerticaConnection Opens a connection to the specified database that can then be reused in the subsequent subJob or subJobs.
tVerticaInput Retrieves data from a Vertica database table based on a SQL query.
tVerticaOutput Inserts, updates, deletes, or copies data from an incoming flow into a Vertica database table.
tVerticaOutputBulk Prepares a file to be used by the tVerticaBulkExec component to feed a Vertica database.
tVerticaOutputBulkExec Receives data from a preceding component, writes data into a local file, and loads data into a Vertica database from the file using the Vertica COPY SQL statement.
tVerticaRollback Cancels the transaction commit in the Vertica database.
tVerticaRow Executes a Vertica SQL statement against a database table.

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