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Creating a Workday connection that uses OAuth JWT authentication

Before you begin

This task assumes that you have created a Workday integration system user and performed all the related configuration described in the previous sections.


  1. Launch Talend Studio and expand the Metadata node in the Repository view.
  2. Right-click Workday under the Metadata node and select Create Workday from the context menu.
    The Create Workday wizard dialog box appears.
  3. Type in the name for the Workday connection in the Name field and click Next (Workday_jwt in this example).

    The second page of the wizard appears.

  4. Select OAuth JWT authentication from the Authentication mode drop-down list and: fill the other fields as prompted.
    1. Type in the username of the Workday integration system user in the User login field.
    2. Type in token endpoint and client identifier in the corresponding fields. They are generated in the Registering an API client task.
    3. Type in the private key by clicking the [...] button next to the field and copy-paste the content of the private key file into the Enter a new password dialog box.
  5. Verify the settings by clicking Check connection and then click OK in the following message box.
  6. Click Next to open the next page of the wizard and set the endpoint pattern.
    For information about setting the endpoint pattern, see the description on Endpoint pattern in tWorkdayInput Standard properties.
  7. Click Finish to save the Workday connection metadata and quit the wizard.
    The Workday connection is now ready for use in the repository.

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