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Viewing and editing the details of a Data Plane environment

You can view and edit the details of a selected Data Plane environment.

Before you begin

You must have the Infrastructure Administrator (TMC_CLUSTER_MANAGEMENT) role in Talend Management Console.


  1. Go to the Environments page.
  2. Open the Data Plane Environments tab.
  3. Click a Data Plane environment name in the list to open the details panel.
    In the Overview tab, you can see the information of the Data Plane environment, including the description, its status, the creation date and name of the user who created the environment, or the date of the last update.
    In the Workspaces tab, you can see the list of workspaces.
    Action How
    Rename your Data Plane environment From the details panel, hover over its name and click the icon.
    Edit the description In the Overview tab, click the next to the Description field.
    Add a workspace Click the Add workspace button.
    Share a workspace In the Workspaces tab, click Share workspace icon next to the workspace name.
    Delete a workspace In the Workspaces tab, click the icon next to the workspace name.
  4. Save your changes.

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