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Auto Scaling Groups


  1. Under AWS EC2 services, select AUTO SCALING > Auto Scaling Groups and click on Create Auto Scaling group.
  2. Select our previously built TalendRunimeAutoScaling-LC Launch Configuration from the list.
  3. In step 1, in the Configure Auto Scaling group details section.
    1. Name the group as TalendRuntimeAutoScaling-Group.
    2. Setup Group size start with 1 instance – so at least 1 Talend Runtime will be always available.
    3. Select Subnet on all 3 availability zone as good practise.
  4. In the Expand Advanced Details section:
    1. Select Load Balancing option.
    2. Choose the TalenRuntimeAutoScaling-LB built from previous steps.
    3. Choose Health Check Type as ELB and set Health Check Grace Period to 10 seconds.
  5. In step 2, in Configure scaling policies:
    1. Select Use scaling policies to adjust the capacity of this group.
    2. Set scale between 1 and 2 instances (or more according to your needs) so Auto Scaling group will remain 1 to 2 Runtime instances.
    3. In Increase Group Size part, click on Add new alarm.
  6. Unselect the Send a notification box as you don’t need notification in this demo, configure your triggering rule as shown below:
    Information noteNote: If one of Runtime instances was running is above 70% of CPU for constantly 5 minutes, then this rule will be triggered.
  7. Click on Create Alarm, all configuration will be saved as shown below, please don’t forget to change the instance number – highlighted in red:
  8. In the same way, configure the rule for decreasing Group size.
    Information noteNote: If one Runtime instances was running with less than 20% of CPU utilisation for 15 minutes, then this Runtime instances will be terminated and client requests traffic will be redirected to other available Runtime instances by Load Balancer.
  9. In Step 3&4, you don’t need to setup anything in Configure Notification step. In Configure Tags. Add tags as shown below, this will be your new Runtime EC2 instances’ name once enabled by Auto Scaling Group.
  10. Once configuration steps are completed, please review all your setting details in Review page and validate. Click on the Create Auto Scaling Group button and you will receive this status notification as shown below:

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