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Initial AWS Auto-Scaling launching

Once completed the above configuration, you may observe the results as suggested below:


  1. Observe the new TalendRuntimeAutoScaling instance created in AWS EC2 service console.
    Information noteNote: It may take 3-5 minutes for AWS Auto Scaling to spin up a new instance. In this initial step, you can only see one instance being started – as you configured one as the minimum instance number.
  2. Login into your Talend Administration Center GUI and observe the Servers page.
    Information noteNote: You can see a new Runtime instance has been registered successfully in this page with server name set to its instance public IP address (completed by the addServer Talend Administration Center metaservlet).
  3. Observe Talend Administration Center GUI/ESB Conductor page
    Information noteNote: You may see a new ESB task has been created and deployed automatically to this new Runtime EC2 instance (completed by the saveEsbTask and requestDeployEsbTask Talend Administration Center metaservlets).
  4. Request the REST web service by using Load Balancer address
    Information noteNote: Now you can observe the response from underlying EC2 Runtime instance.

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