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Preparing a Talend REST service Job

You would also need to prepare a Talend Web Service Job/Route (REST/SOAP) that can be deployed into Talend Runtime instances later on in this demo, you can download the Demo Job directly from here.


  1. Read current EC2 Runtime instance hostname by requesting AWS EC2 Metadata.
  2. Receive REST Request call with the following URL: http(s)://{RuntimeHost}:8040/services/test/{YourInputString}.
  3. Response with XML message as shown below: {YourInputString} from server: {AWS EC2 Runtime instance hostname}

    Retrieve the Job export file from the Downloads tab in the left panel of this page.

    Retrieve the Job export file from the Downloads tab of the online version of this page, at

  4. Once you have your Job/Route prepared in your Studio, you need to Publish it into the Nexus instance on http(s)://{TACHost}:8081/nexus, so you can use the same artifact for this demo. Artifact information assumption once published:
    • JobName: testRest
    • Feature version:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT
    • Nexus repo: Snapshots/org.example

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