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Configuring the Talend Runtime EC2 instance as an AMI image

Once Talend Runtime EC2 instance configuration finished as above, you can create a new AWS AMI image in order to prepare the Auto Scaling group (you may stop the Talend Runtime EC2 instance before creating the AMI image as best practice).


  1. In AWS EC2 Dashboard, select your Talend Runtime EC2 Linux instance, and select Actions > Image > Create image to configure a new AMI image.
  2. Fill the Image name, Image description fields and leave all other default options.
  3. Once you click on Create Image, you may receive this notification. Wait a few minutes before it becomes available.

    It is suggested to create an image when the actual EC2 instance stops. It helps your image to be started as “clean” status.

    Information noteNote: You may find it under the AWS Images/AMIs tab once it becomes available:

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