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Launching an EC2 instance for Talend Runtime


  1. Connect to the EC2 console in any region and click on Launch Instance.
  2. Choose AMI: Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Base for this demo. Any Talend supported OS type can be used in this demo.

    For further information, see the online publication about compatible Operating Systems.

  3. Select m4.large (or m4.xlarge if a more performing machine is needed) and configure Instance details:
    1. Network: Choose your VPC (use default if you don’t have specific VPC configured)
    2. Subnet: No preference
    3. Auto-assign Public IP: Disable (you will configure Elastic IPs later to use static IP address)
    4. Other options as default
  4. Add Storage: use Size 50 GiB and General Purpose SSD Volume Type (give you enough disk space for OS and Talend installation).
  5. Add Tag: Key:NameValue:TalendRuntimeAutoScaling-Runtime
  6. Configure Security Group: Create a new Security Group as below (only for this demo, you should have more strict rules when using in real case).
    1. Inbound:
    2. Outbound:
  7. Launch the EC2 instance once all configured.
  8. (optional) Once instance created in EC2 dashboard, on AWS EC2 interface select Elastic IPs option to configure static IP address for Runtime EC2 instance.
  9. Select Allocate new address and then choose the new created Runtime EC2 Instance Id, once configured, you will find similar allocation information as shown below:

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