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Talend Metaservlet API to be used at Talend Runtime host setup

In this article, you will need to use Talend metaservlet API call as shown below, so that AWS Auto-scaling could allow Talend Runtime host to interact automatically with Talend Administration Center host without any manual configuration:

  • "addServer": Declare Talend Runtime server to Talend Administration Center.
  • "saveEsbTask": Create a new ESB task (service) in Talend Administration Center/ESB conductor.
  • "requestDeployEsbTask": Request Talend Runtime to deploy the ESB task previously created in "saveEsbTask".
  • "requestUndeployEsbTask": Request Talend Runtime to undeploy ESB task specified in script.
  • "deleteEsbTask": Delete undeployed ESB task
  • - "removeServer": Remove Talend Runtime server declaration from Talend Administration Center.

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