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Specifying another JVM to launch Talend Studio

If you have more than one JVM installation on your machine, you can specify which one to use to launch Talend Studio for a particular purpose.

Before you begin

Download and install the JDK of the new Java version that you want to use.


  1. Go to the root of your Talend Studio installation directory and open the .ini file with a text editor.

    For Windows, the file name is Talend-Studio-win-x86_64.ini.

  2. Edit or add the -vm option so it points to the Java executable of the JVM version with which you want to launch Talend Studio.
    Make sure to follow these rules:
    • The -vm option and its value must be on separate lines.
    • The -vm option must be defined before the -vmargs option, because everything after -vmargs is passed directly to the JVM.


    For example:
    C:\Program Files\Java\<JDK_HOME>\bin
  3. If you installed Talend Studio using an Installer, the shortcut that was created for you is still using the previous Java version. Either change the value of the -vm option in the shortcut properties, or delete the shortcut and recreate it manually.


Next time you launch Talend Studio, it is using the new Java version. For more information, see Launching Talend Studio.
Then, if you want to check which JVM version Talend Studio is using, open the latest logs located in <workspace>/.metadata/.log. They will show you the Java version used. For example:
!SESSION <timestamp> -----------------------------------------------
java.vendor=Azul Systems, Inc. 

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