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Backup login: magic links

Use a personalized magic link when encountering issues with the regular login page.

Contact the Support team to request access to a specific login page for generating magic links, valid for a given timeframe.

A magic link cannot be generated for a user email that simultaneously meets both of the following conditions at the same time:
  • This user belongs to a SSO account.
  • This user has the SSO - Manage (ID: TMC_SSO_MANAGEMENT) permission.

When the login page becomes unavailable due to issues such as an outage, the Support team can send you the link to the magic link login page after analyzing the issue.


  1. Access the magic link login page in your web browser.


    The magic link login page
  2. Click the Send magic link button to obtain the link by email.
    • If your email is not recognized as a Talend Cloud user, the magic link is not generated and you are prompted to change the email to be used.
    • If your email is used in multiple domains, you are prompted to enter the domain to be used for the current session.
  3. Click the magic link in the email to directly sign in Talend Cloud for accessing its different applications.

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