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Analyzing repository items

Talend Studio provides you with advanced capabilities to identify all the Jobs that use a certain repository item and analyze the data flow in each of the listed Jobs.

This implies two forms of navigation: moving forward to discover descendant items up to the target component (Impact Analysis) and moving backward to discover the ancestor items starting with the source component (Data Lineage). The results of the analysis will determine where data comes from, how it is transformed, and where it is going or vice versa.

This feature is not shipped with Talend Studio by default. You need to install it using the Feature Manager. For more information, see Installing features using the Feature Manager.

Information noteWarning: All items on which you want to execute impact analysis or data lineage must be centralized in the Repository tree view under any of the following nodes: Joblet Designs, Contexts, SQL Templates, Referenced project, or Metadata.

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