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Connecting to an existing rule file


  1. Select the Select option.
    The DRL/XSL field displays.
    New Rules File dialog box.
  2. In the Type of rule resource field, select New DRL (rule package) or New XLS (Excel) depending on the file format you want to set the path to.
  3. Click the Browse button next to the field to set the path to the rule file you want to use.
  4. Click Finish to close the wizard and open in Talend Studio the rule file to which you set the connection.
    Information noteNote: If you want to modify any of the rules held in the rule files, do the following:
    • For a Drools file, open the file in Talend Studio and modify the rules directly in the open file.
    • For an Excel file, open the file locally and carry out necessary modifications. Then in the Repository tree view and under Rules, right-click the file connection and select Update Xls file in the contextual menu.
    Information noteWarning: If you modify a rule, you must close the Job using the rule and reopen it to take into accounts the new modifications.

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