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Creating an Entity Action Process


A Runnable Process is a process designed in Talend Studio but can be manually launched by a business user from Talend MDM Web UI.

You can design this Process to do any task you want on master data pertaining to the entity to which the process is attached. The naming of this Process follows a specific pattern: Runnable_<entity>. If you want to customize the Process name or create more than one Runnable Process on the same entity, you can specify an optional name when creating the process, and a hash sign will be added between the entity name and the optional name, for example Runnable_Product#ShowMap.

Before you begin

  • You have already connected to the MDM server from Talend Studio.
  • You have the appropriate user authorization to create Processes.
  • You have already created a Job that returns the Google Maps URL for the store of a product according to its latitude and longitude information.

About this task

The below example guides you through the steps of creating a Runnable Process Runnable_Product#ShowMap that invokes a Job ShowStoreMap to find the address of a store on the Google Maps.


  1. In the MDM Repository tree view, expand Event Management and then right-click Process and select New from the contextual menu.
    The Create Process dialog box opens.
  2. Select the Create an Entity/Welcome Action option.
  3. Select the Create an Entity Action option.
    You can also click the [...] button next to the Description field to define a multi-lingual label to accompany your Process.
    Information noteNote: As the naming for this Process follows certain pattern, Runnable_ is displayed automatically in the Internal Name field.
  4. Complete the Process name by entering the name of the entity on which you want to run the Process, Product in this example.
  5. If you want to customize the Process name or create more than one Runnable Process on the same entity, specify an optional name in the Optional Name field, ShowMap in this example.
    Then, click Next.
  6. Select the Enable redirection check box if you want the Process to redirect the Web browser to a URL, and specify the URL in the URL field.
    Then, click Next.
  7. Select or deselect the Generate the template job check box to specify whether you want to generate a template Job for the process, and then click Finish.
    An empty editor for the newly created Process opens in the workspace.
  8. If required, click the ... button next to the Description field to open a dialog box where you can set multilingual descriptions of your Process.
    This description will be listed as the Runnable Process name in the Runnable Process list in Talend MDM Web UI.
  9. Create a Invoke the Job step, which invokes the Job ShowStoreMap through the callJob plugin.
    This same process is accessible through Talend MDM Web UI when browsing records in the Product entity. An authorized business user can launch this Process from the web interface.

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