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Creating a new REST API metadata from API Designer

Before you begin

  • Make sure that your Talend Cloud subscription allows you to use Talend Cloud API Designer and Talend Cloud API Tester and that the user you use to connect from Talend Studio has the right permission (Roles) to use these modules in your account.
  • You have configured the connection to Talend Cloud from the Preferences dialog box in the Talend > Talend Cloud view. For more information about how to set the Talend Studio preferences, see Setting Talend Studio preferences.
    Talend Studio Preferences dialog box with "Talend Cloud" option opened.


  1. In the Repository tree view of the Integration perspective, right-click the REST API Definitions node under the Metadata node and select Create API definition from the contextual menu.
    The Import API definition wizard opens.
    Import API definition dialog box.
  2. Select Import from API designer. The API Definitions that you own in Talend Cloud API Designer (where the Owner is equal to the user you use in the Talend Cloud Preferences) and all API Definitions shared with this user in the Talend Cloud API Designer will be shown.
    If the dialog stays empty it is likely that you do not own or have access to any shared API Definitions. Check in Talend Cloud API Designer in this case.
    Import API definition dialog box with Import from API designer option selected.
  3. Select the API that you want to import from the list and click Next.
  4. Click Next to show the API Definition properties that are filled automatically with the content of the API.
    API Definition properties.
    API Definition properties
    Field Description
    Name The name of API Definition. This field is editable.

    Note that a message comes up if you enter prohibited characters.

    Purpose Purpose or any useful information regarding the API Definition. This field is editable.
    Description Description containing any information that helps you describe what the API Definition does and how it does it. This field is editable.
    Author A read-only field that shows by default the current user login.
    Locker A read-only field that shows by default the login of the user who owns the lock on the current Job. This field is empty when you are creating an API definition and has data only when you are editing the properties of an existing API.
    Version A read-only field. You can manually increment the version using the M and m buttons.
    Status A list to select from the status of the Job you are creating.
    Path A list to select from the folder in which the API definition will be created.
  5. Click Finish to validate the creation and close the wizard.
    The API definition you created is now listed under the Metadata > REST API Definitions node in the Repository tree view.
    From the context menu, you can:
    • Open in API Designer: open an external web page displaying the API Definition in API Designer.
    • Open API documentation: open an external web page displaying the documentation of the API.
    • Open in API Tester: open API Tester locally on an external web browser.
    • Edit API definition: edit the API definition properties.
    • Update API definition: use the update to bring in an new version / updated version of the API Definition.

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