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Generating a Job to alert to threshold violation

About this task

You can generate ready-to-use Jobs on the reports listed in the Profiling perspective. These Jobs use the tThresholdViolationAlert component to alert to any threshold violations of the thresholds defined on the indicators used in column analyses.

The tThresholdViolationAlert component communicates with the report database that stores the analysis results. It scans the report database looking for the thresholds that are violated in the column analyses listed in the selected report. tThresholdViolationAlert sends the information to the tSendMail component to alert the email recipient(s) to the threshold violations.

Information noteNote: You can generate Jobs with the tThresholdViolationAlert component only on reports which database is Mysql or Oracle.

Later, you can execute this Job directly from the Integration perspective to send an email to defined people to alert them to threshold violation. The generated Job will be listed under the Job Designs node in the Repository tree view.

Prerequisite(s): A report has already been generated on a column analysis in the Profiling perspective of Talend Studio. The report database is either Mysql or Oracle.

To generate a threshold violation Job, do the following:


  1. In the DQ Repository tree view, expand Data Profiling > > Reports.
  2. Select the reports on which you want to generate a Job.
  3. Right-click your selection and place your pointer on Generate jobs in the contextual menu then select Alert threshold violation.
    Contextual menu of a report.
    The Integration perspective opens on the generated Job.
    Job using the tMysqlInput, tThresholdViolationAlert, and tSendMail components.
    The basic settings of the tMysqlInput and tThresholdViolationAlert components are configured according to the connection used in the selected report.
    It is recommended to leave the settings of the tMysqlInput and tThresholdViolationAlert components unchanged. Be careful if you need to edit these settings, otherwise you may have a compile error when you try to execute the Job.
    Information noteNote: In the schema of the database component and the tThresholdViolationAlert component, the DB Type column is empty by default. You do not need to define the type in this column.
    Screenshot showing the empty DB Type column.
  4. Accept propagating the changes when prompted by the system.
  5. Double-click tSendMail to display its Basic settings view and define its properties as needed.
    For more information on this component, see tSendMail.
  6. Press F6 to execute the generated Job and send the threshold violation alert email to the defined people.
    This email holds detail information about the threshold violations in the selected report. It lists the values of the indicators which do not respect the thresholds. It also lists the report name, the analysis name and the analyzed element description (column name, table name and schema name).
    The generated Job is listed as well under the Job Designs node in the tree view of the Integration perspective.
  7. When needed, press F6 to execute this Job and alert to any threshold violation directly from the Integration perspective.

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