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Talend ESB provides a fully supported, stable, production ready distribution of the industry leading open source integration framework Apache Camel. Apache Camel uses the well known Enterprise Integration Patterns and Components to make message based system integration simpler yet powerful and scalable.

The Apache Camel uses a lightweight, component based architecture which allows great flexibility in deployment scenarios, for example, stand-alone JVM applications or embedded in a servlet container such as Tomcat, or within a JEE server, or in an OSGi container such as Equinox.

Apache Camel and Talend ESB come out of the box with an impressive set of available components for all commonly used protocols like http, https, ftp, xmpp, rss and many more. A large number of data formats like EDI, JSON, CSV, HL7 and languages like JS, Python, Scala, are supported out of the box. Its extensible architecture allows developers to easily add support for proprietary protocols and data formats.

The Talend ESB distribution supplements Apache Camel with support for OSGi deployment, support for integrating Talend Routes on Camel routes and a number of advanced examples. Its OSGi container uses Apache Karaf, a lightweight container providing advanced features such as provisioning, hot deployment, logger system, dynamic configuration, complete shell environment, and other features.