Talend ESB - Apache Camel - Domain Specific Languages (DSL) - 6.5

Talend ESB Mediation Developer Guide

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Talend ESB supports the graphical modeling of Routes in Talend Studio. Additionally Talend ESB also supports the deployment of Routes directly written in one of the three Apache Camel DSL:

Although there are other DSL which is supported by Camel (http://camel.apache.org/dsl.html) and which also works technically with the Talend ESB, it is important to note that Talend ESB only provides full support for the Java, Spring and Blueprint DSL on Talend Runtime and for others only limited support (Minor / S4 Support Level only).

For more information on designing Routes in Talend Studio, see ../../studios/di-esb-bd/en/c-getting_started_with_a_basic_route.html#sect-studio_di_esb-getting_started_with_a_basic_route.