Data Integration: new features - 7.0

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Talend Data Services Platform

Continous Integration

  • Improvements have been made in order to be able to use one single Maven build to generate the sources, run Jobs and associated Tests and deploy them to Nexus.

  • POM files are automatically generated for each project item and can be customized from Talend Studio.

  • The project identifier value (GroupID) can be edited from Talend Studio.

  • To filter on the project item you want to build, you are now able to use the Maven compliant filter commands.

Smart mapping

The tMap component now allows you to create mappings between input and output columns in one go based on your fuzzy match settings.

Signature on items

From Talend 7.0 onward, a digital signature is added to each project item when it is saved in Talend Studio as a security measure to prevent accidental or malicious modification of project items.

Project reference management moved to the Studio

Project references are now defined and managed in the Studio.

Enhanced SVN and Git credentials management

SVN and Git credentials can now be managed by the Studio.

Improved Studio-JobServer communication

You can now specify a port through which the Talend Studio fetches stats and trace messages from the Talend JobServer for Jobs being executed remotely.

New timeout option

You can now define how long the Studio should wait for a response from the remote server before throwing a timeout exception.

New DMG for Talend installation on MacOS

A new DMG is provided for installation of Talend Open Studio products on MacOS to prevent macOS Sierra from setting downloaded files to "quarantine".

Dynamic class enhancements

The Dynamic class has been enhanced by adding several new methods for adding columns, removing columns, and applying a function on columns.

Enhanced Amazon EMR support

  • The tAmazonEMRManage component now allows you to specify the identifier of the Amazon EC2 security group and customize the cluster version and application information.

  • EMR 4.9.2 and EMR 5.11.0 are now supported in the tAmazonEMRManage component.

Enhanced Amazon S3 support

  • The tS3Copy and tS3Put components now support server-side encryption with AWS KMS-Managed Keys (SSE-KMS).

  • The tS3Put component now supports uploading data from an input stream.

Enhanced Amazon SQS support

  • A new component tSQSQueueAttributes, which allows you to get attributes of an Amazon SQS queue, has been added into Talend Studio.

  • The tSQSOutput component now supports delivering messages to a FIFO (first-in-first-out) queue.

Enhanced DB2 support

DB2 v11 is now supported.

Enhanced FTP support

  • All FTP components now allow you to connect to an FTP server via an FTPS connection.

  • The tFTPGet and tFTPPut components now support specifying the data channel protection level and the maximum size of the encoded data blocks when transferring data via an FTPS connection.

  • The tFTPFileExists component now supports checking the existence of either a file or a folder.

Enhanced Generic JDBC support

Eight JDBC components (tJDBCClose, tJDBCCommit, tJDBCConnection, tJDBCInput, tJDBCOutput, tJDBCRollback, tJDBCRow, and tJDBCSP) and the Db Connections metadata wizard for creating and editing JDBC connections have been switched into the new framework and the user interface has been slightly changed.

Enhanced Google Drive support

  • The Google Drive components and metadata wizard have been switched into the new framework and the user interface has been slightly changed.

  • The Google Drive components and metadata wizard support three new authentication methods, and you can now connect to Google Drive using your client ID and client secret, client secret JSON file, or service account JSON file.

  • The tGoogleDriveList component now supports listing removed files and folders.

Enhanced JSON support

The tWriteJSONField component now supports surrounding all values including number and boolean values in the generated JSON field with double quotation marks.

Enhanced Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse support

A new component tSQLDWHBulkExec, which allows you to load data into an Azure SQL Data Warehouse table from either Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Store, has been added into Talend Studio.

Enhanced Microsoft CRM support

The tMicrosoftCrmInput and tMicrosoftCrmOutput components now support connecting to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Web application.

Enhanced Microsoft SQL Server support

The tMSSqlBulkExec component now supports executing any insert trigger during your bulk insert operation.

Enhanced Oracle support

The tOracleConnection component and the Db Connections metadata wizard now support connecting to Oracle using the Wallet.

Enhanced positional file support

The tFileInputPositional component now allows you to specify the unit of the fixed length value for each field.

Enhanced Salesforce support

  • The Salesforce components and metadata wizard now allow you to connect to Salesforce using OAuth 2.0 authentication JSON Web Token Flow.

  • The tSalesforceInput component now supports specifying the timeout value for your bulk query Job to complete.

  • The tSalesforceInput component now supports bulk querying any Salesforce field whose length is greater than 100,000 characters.

  • Salesforce v42 is now supported.

Enhanced Snowflake support

  • A new component tSnowflakeRow, which allows you to execute any SQL command stated on a Snowflake database, has been added into Talend Studio.

  • The tSnowflakeInput and tSnowflakeOutput components now support converting lowercases in the defined table name and schema column names to uppercases.

Enhanced Sybase support

  • The tSybaseIQBulkExec and tSybaseIQOutputBulkExec components now support loading data from the client side.

  • Sybase SQL Anywhere 16 is now supported.

New unified database components

Several unified database components tDB*** have been added into Talend Studio as entry points to a variety of databases.

Talend Administration Center

Feature Description

Talend Data Services Platform

Nexus 3 support Nexus 3 is now delivered with Talend Administration Center as the default artifact repository.
Managing project references The management of project references moved from Talend Administration Center to Talend Studio.
Active Directory Federation Services SSO support You can configure single sign-on to Talend Administration Center through AD FS 2.0 or AD FS 3.0 identity providers.
MDM web users It is possible to create MDM web users and define their permissions for accessing Talend MDM.
The MDM web users can have the following roles:
  • Administrator
  • Super Admin
  • Interactive User
  • Web User

The user types are mutually exclusive.

Security Policy for Git and SVN It is possible to store Source Code Management (SCM) user credentials in either Talend Administration Center or Talend Studio.
Dictionary Service support A new Talend Dictionary Service user type is introduced.

The user can edit or remove the semantic types or dictionaries used by default in Talend web applications.

Separation of Talend Data Preparation and Talend Data Stewardship users The Licenses page is updated to reflect the number of Talend Data Preparation and Talend Data Stewardship users separately.
Restricted configuration access The Administrator or Security Administrator can finalize the Configuration page after all the setting are configured. The page is read-only after it is finalized.