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Installation and Upgrade

To help you administrate the H2 embedded database, a dedicated Web console is available directly from Talend Administration Center.

Connecting to the H2 Web Console

From Talend Administration Center, you can access the H2 administration console:

  1. From the main Menu, click Configuration to access the Configuration page.

  2. On the Configuration page, expand the Database node to display the parameters.

  3. In the Web Console field, click the link to access the H2 Web Console.

  4. The H2 Web Console's Login page displays:

  5. In the User Name and Password fields, type in the connection login and password to the database, by default talend_admin and talend_admin.

  6. The JDBC URL field reads by default:


    where <ApplicationPath> is the location where org.talend.administrator was deployed.


    If you have moved the H2 embedded database location, then fill out the JDBC URL field with the updated URL information. Prior to clicking Connect, click the Test Connection button in order to check the new URL. In case of a mistyped URL, the JDBC URL will revert back to the original URL information.

  7. Click Connect.

    The Web database administration page displays.

For more information about H2 use and troubleshooting, please refer to the H2 online documentation on

Backing up the H2 database

The configuration parameters of the H2 database backup is already set by default so that the backup occurs on an daily basis.

If you need or want to make edits to this setting, edit the configuration file:


The cron-based backup of the embedded database triggers everyday at 3.45am all year round. The syntax reads as follows "Seconds Minutes Hours Day-of-month Month Day-of-week Year", such as for example:

0 45 3 ? * * * (default setting - trigger every day at 3.45am)

0 45 5 ? * MON-FRI (every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at 5.45 am)

More examples are available on

Other automatic backups are performed at startup and shutdown of the application server:


The backup files are stored at the following location, up to the 30 latest backups: