Using items from the reference project - 6.2

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By adding a reference project to a main project, the settings of the reference project are available for you to use directly from the main project. For example, you can drop a business rule or a pattern defined in a reference project directly to an analysis you create in the current project without going into the process of creating the item from scratch.


-An Administrator has defined the main and reference projects in Talend Administration Center. For further information, see Talend Administration Center User Guide.

-You have opened the main project in the Studio. For further information, see Accessing items in a reference project.

  1. From the main project, open the analysis on which you want to use an item from the reference project.

    In this example, you want to use a business rule age_18 defined in the reference project on a table analysis from the main project.

  2. Drop age_18 from the reference project to the selected table in the analysis editor.

  3. Run the analysis.

    The table is analyzed against the business rule from the reference project and results are displayed in the editor.