Saving a component schema as a generic schema - 6.2

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You can create a generic schema by saving the schema defined in a component. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Basic settings view of the component that has the schema you want to create a generic schema from, and click the [...] button next to Edit schema to open the [Schema] dialog box.

  2. Click the floppy disc icon to open the [Select folder] dialog box.

  3. Select a folder if needed, and click OK to close the dialog box and open the [Save as generic schema] creation wizard.

  4. Fill in the Name field (required) and the other fields if needed, and click Finish to save the schema. Then close the [Schema] dialog box opened from the component Basic settings view.

    The schema is saved in the selected folder under the Generic schemas node in the Repository tree view.