How to change panels positions - 6.2

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All panels in the open Studio can be moved around according to your needs.

All you need to do is to click the head border of a panel or to click a tab, hold down the mouse button and drag the panel to the target destination. Release to change the panel position.

Click the minimize/maximize icons (/) to minimize the corresponding panel or maximize it. For more information on how to display or hide a panel/view, see How to display Job configuration tabs/views.

Click the close icon () to close a tab/view. To reopen a view, click Window > Show View > Talend, then click the name of the panel you want to add to your current view or see Shortcuts and aliases .

If the Palette does not show or if you want to set it apart in a panel, go to Window > Show view...> General > Palette. The Palette opens in a separate view that you can move around wherever you like within the perspective.