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The lock modes available in Talend Studio are the following: the automatic lock mode, the semi-automatic lock mode and the manual lock mode. An Administrator can define the lock mode in Talend Administration Center. For more information, see Talend Administration Center User Guide.

The sections below describe the above lock modes.

Automatic lock mode

By default, the first user who creates or opens an item, owns the lock on this particular item and can edit it until he unlocks it, generally when closing and/or saving the changes made. When the Lock is removed from an item, the changed item gets committed to the SVN or Git. This lock mode is the automatic mode.


This is the default mode for SVN or Git storage.

Also, you have the possibility to log information about the changes you made on any item, on the condition that the relevant option is selected in Talend Administration Center. Check Talend Administration Center User Guide for further details and read How to log information on edited items.

Semi-automatic lock mode

When the Ask user option is selected in the Talend Administration Center web application, you get prompted to put a lock on any item you open in the Studio.

If you want to edit the item you are opening, click OK to put a lock on it. The item becomes read-only for other users like in the default mode.

When closing or saving the item, you get prompted again to unlock it. If you are complete with the changes, then click OK to remove the lock and allow other users to lock it if needed.

If you do not need to open the item in edition mode (lock) then click No when prompted to open it in read-only mode.

Manual lock mode

When the manual lock mode option is selected in Talend Administration Center, you cannot lock any item, unless intentionally.

To intentionally lock an item (for edition purpose for example), simply right-click it and select the Lock option while the item is in the closed state.

The same way, a locked item can only be unlocked through the same procedure by the lock owner (or through Talend Administration Center web application by the administrator).

By default, items can only be opened in read-only in this manual lock mode.