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This area contains nothing if no [SQL Editor] is open. The [SQL Editor] provides the following features:

  • Executing queries using the CTRL-ENTER combination,

  • Basic syntax coloring

  • Basic Content Assist

  • Overriding result limit

  • Word wrapping (if enabled in preferences)

  • Session/Catalog/Schema switching

  • Loading/Saving SQL scripts

  • Commit/Rollback buttons (if session is not in auto-commit mode)

  • Display of query execution time of last run query

The figure below shows an example of the [SQL Editor] view.

The lower part of the [SQL Editor] view, the Messages area, detailed information about your data exploring actions. When you execute a query in the SQL query editor, the Messages area displays the query results.


You can save all the queries you execute in the data explorer under Libraries > Source Files in the DQ Repository tree view in the Profiling perspective of the studio.

The figure below shows an example of the Messages area.