DQ Repository tree view - 6.2

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The DQ Repository tree view in the Profiling perspective of the studio shows folders for data profiling analyses, reports, patterns and metadata.

When expanding the Data profiling folder in the tree view, you display the created analyses (either executed or not executed yet). You also display all created reports on different types of analyses.

When expanding the Libraries folder in the tree view list, you display the list of the pre-defined patterns and SQL patterns. Imported patterns and patterns created by you will also show under the Patterns folder.

Under Libraries as well, you have all created SQL business rules, all imported JRXML files and all imported patterns from Talend Exchange.

When expanding the Metadata folder in the tree view list, you display the list of all created DB connections.

The figure below shows an example of an expanded DQ Repository tree view.

You can use the local toolbar icons to manage the display of the DQ Repository tree view.