Nexus settings preferences (Talend > Performance) - 6.2

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You can set preferences for Talend Studio to the check for updates of custom libraries on the Nexus server.

  1. From the menu bar, click Window > Preferences to display the [Preferences] dialog box.

  2. Expand the Talend and Performance nodes in succession and then click Nexus settings to display the relevant view.

  3. Set the preferences according to your needs:

    • In the Timeout for nexus connection (ms) field, specify the time in milliseconds you want your Talend Studio to wait for an interaction with the Nexus server before cutting the connection, 0 for an infinite timeout.

    • In the Jars check frequency field, specify how often you want your Talend Studio to check for updates:

      • -1 if you don't want your Talend Studio to check for updates at all.

      • 0 if you want your Talend Studio to check for updates at any action that needs a Jar or Jars, for example when a Job is built or executed from the Studio.

      • the number of days between two checks.

  4. Click Apply to apply your changes; click OK to validate the settings and close the [Preferences] dialog box.

For more information on installing and configuring Nexus artifact repository, see the Talend Installation Guide.