Saving a Business Model - 6.2

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To save a Business Model, click File > Save or press Ctrl+S. The model is saved under the name you gave during the creation process.

An asterisk displays in front of the Business Model name on the tab to indicate that changes have been made to the model but not yet saved.

To save a Business Model and increment its version at the same time:

  1. click File>Save as....The [Save as] dialog box displays.

  2. Next to the Version field, click the M button to increment the major version and the m button to increment the minor version.

  3. Click Finish to validate the modification


By default, when you open a Business Model, you open its last version. Any previous version of the Business Model is read-only and thus cannot be modified.

You can access a list of the different versions of a Business Model and perform certain operations. To do that:

  1. In the Repository tree view, select the Business Model you want to consult the versions of.

  2. Click the Business Models>Version in succession to display the version list of the selected Job.

  3. Right-click the Business Model version you want to consult.

  4. Do one of the followings:



Edit properties

edit Business Model properties.

Note: The Business Model should not be open on the design workspace, otherwise it will be in read-only mode.

Read Business Model

consult the Business Model in read-only mode.


You can open and modify the last version of a Business Model from the Version view if you select Edit Business Model from the drop-down list.