Centralizing HL7 metadata - 6.2

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According to the HL7 metadata model option you select, the wizard helps you create either an input or an output schema. In a Job, the tHL7Input component uses the input schema created to read an HL7 file, whereas tHL7Output uses the output schema created to either write an HL7 file, or update an existing HL7 file.


The step, in which you define the general properties of the schema to be created, precedes the next step at which you set the type of schema as either input or output. It is therefore advisable to enter names which will help you to distinguish between your input and output schemas.

If you want to read an HL7 structured message, see Centralizing HL7 metadata for an input file.

If you want to write an HL7 structured message, see Setting up an HL7 schema for an output file.