What is a Service - 6.2

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The Integration perspective of Talend Studio combines data integration with Web services and enables the graphical design of a Service which includes a WSDL file and one or more data service Jobs that addresses all of the different sources and targets required to publish the Web service. The WSDL editor makes it possible to create and edit WSDL files graphically, automating most of the tasks involved with these processes.

When you design a Service in the Integration perspective of Talend Studio, you can:

  • Create new WSDL files or import existing WSDL files for structured viewing.

  • Create, set, and delete WSDL objects.

  • Access the structured view at any time to edit or document the WSDL objects in the Service.

  • Associate Services with data service Jobs.

  • Create and add items to the repository for reuse and sharing purposes (in other projects or Services or with other users).


In order to be able to execute the data service Jobs you design in Talend Studio, you need to install an Oracle JVM 1.8 (IBM JVM is not supported). You can download it from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/index.html .