Dynamic mediation and intelligent routing - 6.2

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Integrated business operations involve many complex relationships among various systems and applications. The decision on what to process, when and where, can change rapidly. Talend ESB provides dynamic mediation and routing capabilities based on enterprise integration patterns (EIPs) to meet the demands of these ever-changing systems. Mediation and routing decisions are based on architecture, business rules, and deployed enterprise integration patterns. Talend ESB enables routing decisions at the endpoint. This eliminates bottlenecks and results in a scalable, high performance solution.

Talend Studio includes the Route builder for the design of integration solutions based on Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIPs) - a standard set of integration templates used to address standard integration needs. For use with Talend ESB products or the Apache Camel project, the Route builder allows users to drag-and-drop EIPs from a Palette gathering all standard EIPs and configure them, eliminating the need to write code or use a domain specific language (DSL). Visibility into live statistics of message flow activity within a specific EIP enables rapid prototyping for developers, dramatically reducing development and testing cycles. For more information on how to create and manage Routes, see Designing a Route and Managing Jobs, Routes and Services . For more information about EIPs, see Talend ESB Mediation Components Reference Guide.