Install external modules - 6.2

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration Installation and Upgrade Guide for Mac

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To download and install modules in the Studio

To download and install external modules automatically, do the following:


If you are working behind a network proxy, make sure you have correctly set up your proxy before you can download and install external modules in your Studio. To access the proxy settings, select Window > Preferences from the menu to open the [Preferences] window, then expand the General node and click Network Connections.

Add the web site and the port 443 to the whitelist.

  1. In the Jar installation wizard, click the Download and Install button to install a particular module, or click the Download and install all modules available button to install all the available modules, or select Help > Install Additional Packages from the menu to open the [Additional Talend Packages] wizard. From this wizard, make sure the Optional and Required third-party libraries check boxes are selected and click Finish. The [Download external modules] dialog box opens.


    This [Additional Talend Packages] wizard appears automatically when you launch Talend Studio if any additional packages, including external modules, need to be installed for any features to function in the Studio.

  2. To download and install the external module(s) provided under a particular license, select that license from the Licenses pane, review the license terms, select the I accept the terms of the license agreement option, and click Finish to start the download and installation process.

    To download and install all external modules provided under all the listed licenses, click the Accept all button to start the download and installation process.

    Upon installation of the chosen external module or modules, a dialog box appears to notify you about the number of modules successfully installed and/or about the modules failed to install, if any.

    To install manually an external module you already have in your local file system, do the following:

    1. Click the button in the upper right corner of the Modules view or in Jar installation wizard to browse your local file system.

      If the Modules view is not shown under your design workspace, go to Window > Show View... > Talend and then select Modules from the list.

    2. In the [Open] dialog box of your file system, browse to the module you want to install, double-click the .jar file, or select it and then click Open to install it.

      The dialog box closes and the selected module is installed in the library folder of the current Studio.

      You can now use the component or Metadata connection dependent on this module in any of your Job designs.

To install modules downloaded from external websites

Some modules are not available on the Talend website but can be downloaded directly from external websites. Once downloaded, these modules must be placed in specific folders.

  • For the studio, the downloaded modules must be placed in the following folder: