How to manage the cross-referencing table display - 6.5

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Data Governance

On the cross referencing page, you can choose to order the rows in the table by ascending or descending order. You can also show/hide one or more columns in the cross-reference table.

To order the rows according to specified criteria, complete the following:

  1. Move the pointer over a column name and click on the arrow which appears.

    A drop-down list appears.

  2. In the drop-down list, select:



    Sort Ascending

    arrange the list in ascending order

    Sort Descending

    arrange the list in descending order


    display a drop-down list where you can select/clear the check boxes to show/hide the columns

To show or hide any of the columns:

  1. Move the pointer over any of the column headings and click the arrow.

    A drop down menu appears.

  2. Place the pointer on Columns.

    A list of all the column names appears.

All of the visible columns have their corresponding check boxes selected in the list. Select or clear the check boxes next to the name of the column, according to the view you want to create.