Opening a data record in the stewardship console - 6.5

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The Talend Data Stewardship Console is deprecated since Talend 6.4. Consider migrating to Talend Data Stewardship.

Some of the data records in the MDM hub are the result of merging /resolving different information coming from heterogeneous sources. Resolving such information may be done through Talend Data Stewardship Console, and then the master data record is written in the hub using the MDM components in a Talend Job. For further information about resolution tasks and data tasks, see the Talend Data Stewardship Console User Guide.

If the data record you open in Talend MDM Web User Interface is the result of a resolution task in the stewardship console, an Open Task option will be available in the record page. This option enables you to jump back to the task in the stewardship console and see the task/record detail.


The Open Task option is not available if the data record does not come from a resolution task or the resolution task has only one source record.

Prerequisite(s): The MDM server is already launched. You have been assigned the role with the appropriate user authorization and access rights. The data record you open is the result of a resolution task in the stewardship console.

To open the task/record detail in the stewardship console, complete the following:

  1. Follow the steps outlined in How to search entities in the selected data container to list the records of interest in the Web User Interface.

  2. Click the data record coming from a resolution task which contains at least two source records.

    All the viewable attributes pertaining to the data record appear in the panel to the right.

  3. Click More... and then select Open Task to open the task/record detail in the stewardship console.