How to view the log file for a data record - 6.5

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The log file for an open data record lists descriptions of events associated with this specific data record.


You can access a log file that lists information on all data records through the Journal menu option. For more information, see Viewing log files for all data records.


  • The MDM server is already launched.

  • You have been assigned a role with the appropriate user authorization and access rights. For further information, see Security.

  • At least one view has been created in Talend Studio. For further information, see the Talend Studio User Guide.

  • Make sure you have selected the data container that holds the master data record that you want to manage and the corresponding data model against which the master data records will be validated. For further information, see Accessing data containers and data models.

To view the log file for a specific data record, do the following:

  1. In the [Master Data Browser] page, search for the data records pertaining to the entity of interest.

    All master data records which meet the search criteria are listed in the page. The first record is selected by default and its details are displayed in the panel to the right. For more information, see How to search entities in the selected data container.

  2. Click any of the listed data records to open the record detail.

  3. Click More... and select Journal to open the log file of the record.

Here you can view information on all the events associated with the selected data record.

To view a detailed description of one of the listed events, do the following:

  1. On the [Journal] tab, double-click a row or right-click a row then click View Changes.

    The [Data Changes Viewer] tab opens.

    Here you can view some key information about the modified data record, including the source, type of change, the data record impacted and the relevant entity.

  2. Click the View Update Report button for a more detailed report of all modifications made.

    Click the Previous Report button to navigate to the previous event associated with this data record or the Next Report button to navigate to the next event associated with this data record.

  3. If required, click the Open Record button to open the record detail in a new tab.

    The Before and After panels in the lower part of the page show the complete details of the source record and modified record respectively.


    If you log in to Talend MDM Web User Interface as an administrator, a Restore button will display in the Before and After panels. This button enables the administrator to restore the old version of the record.

    You can also restore the previous version of a record from the [Journal] tab, by right-clicking the event and then clicking Restore.

You can also view item events using the Journal option on the Menu panel. This is useful if you want to search for changes based on the source of change, operation type or date, rather than by specific item, for example. For further information, see Viewing log files for all data records.