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Talend MDM Web User Interface gives access to a [User Manager] page. This page lists the pre-defined system users in addition to all other users that are defined in Talend Studio and have the right to work with Talend MDM, studio and web user interface.

Through this page, an administrator or authorized business people can assign role(s) to users and data stewards, based on user responsibilities and the information to which each user requires access.

For each of these system or defined roles, the menus available on the Menu panel as well as access rights to data objects and associated items may differ. Access rights may be defined as Read & Write or Read Only, whilst views of particular data objects or menus may be blocked. It is therefore important to be aware of the views and access rights associated with a role, prior to assigning it to a user. For further information on creating user roles, see the Talend Studio User Guide.


Depending on your role and the parameters set by the administrator of Talend Studio, you may not have access to the Manage Users menu which allows you to manage users and user roles in Talend MDM Web User Interface. If you do not have access to the required menu, see your Talend Studio administrator.

For further information on users and their management, see the following sections.