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The [User Manager] page allows administrators or authorized business users to execute various tasks.


You must be logged as a user who has administration rights or as an administrator. Your role and view parameters must be correctly set up in Talend Studio.

You can access the [User Manager] page by clicking Manage Users in the Menu panel.

The [User Manager] page is split into two sections:

  • The upper section lists the existing user records.


Talend MDM Web User Interface is delivered with the following two default users: Administrator and User. You can then add as many other users as needed. For further information, see How to add a new user and assign him/her a role.

  • The lower section allows you to add new users and assign specific roles to them, or update an existing user record.

By default, the following system roles are available: administration, System_Admin, System_Interactive, System_Web and System_View. For further information on these roles, see the Talend Studio User Guide.


It is mandatory to attribute at least one system role to any of the users you want to create in order to be able to save the new user.