Harmonizing the date format - 7.1

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The Date column stores the information about the subscription date to the online service.

In this case, you have noticed that at least three different types of file format are used in the same column:

  • dd/MM/yyyy
  • MM/dd/yyyy
  • MM-dd-yyyy

You will give the column a more meaningful name, and harmonize the date format used in the column.


  1. To rename the Date column, double click the column name.
  2. Type subscription_date and press Enter.
    The column has been renamed to better describe its content, that you will now harmonize.
  3. In the Functions panel, search for the Change date format function and click it.

    A menu with the options for the dedicated function opens.

  4. In the New format list, select the new format to apply to the whole column, in this case, click French standard to use the dd/MM/yy format.


The column containing the subscription dates is now easier to read, with a proper title and a unified format.