Custom integration with authentication environments - 7.1

Talend Data Catalog Installation and Upgrade Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade

Talend Data Catalog is able to support three authentication methods.

Authentication method Description
Native where the password is managed by the software and stored within the database.
LDAP where the software does not manage or store the LDAP passwords at all. Instead, it is simply passed it through to LDAP in order to authenticate.
External such as Single Sign On (SSO), where the software does not perform any authentication, and leaves that responsibility to a local Single Sign On service managed by the customer.
From Metadata Manager in Tools > Administration > Users or from Metadata Explorer in MANAGE > Users, you may specify either:
  • Mixed Native and LDAP authentications where users may be authenticated either as native or LDAP users.
  • External authentication where the system does not perform any authentication, leaving it up to a local Single Sign On environment.