Data Preparation: new features - 6.5

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Dynamic selection of a preparation in a Job

When using the tDataprepRun component to operationalize your preparations in Talend Studio, you can select the Dynamic preparation selection check box to define a preparation via its path in the application, rather than its technical id. This allows you to dynamically select a preparation at runtime, depending on the input data for example.


The application has been fully translated into French. You can switch between English and French by modifying the language parameter in the configuration file.

New parameters for CSV datasets

When working with data from local CSV files, you can now configure the escape and text enclosure characters, as well the encoding, at import and export time.

Snowflake connectivity

Talend Data Preparation now offers direct connectivity to data stored in Snowflake databases in order to create datasets.

New functions

Several new functions have been added or updated to improve the enrichment and cleansing possibilities:

  • Fill empty cells from above
  • Generate sequence
  • Standardize value (fuzzy matching)
  • Modulo
  • Extract quarter from date

Moreover some new functions can be applied on the whole table:

  • Delete empty rows
  • Remove duplicate rows

Finally, you can now decide if you want to output the effects of certain functions in a new column by selecting the Create new column check box.