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Spring Dynamic Modules on Talend Runtime

The Spring Dynamic Modules on Talend Runtime is deprecated from version 6.3 onwards and will be removed from 7.0 onwards.

Archiva artifact repository

The Support for Archiva artifact repository is deprecated from version 5.6 onwards.

Hyperic Plugins

The Hyperic Plugins to monitor the related Talend ESB Services (CXF), Routes (Camel), Messaging (AMQ) and Runtime (Karaf) with VMWare vRealize Hyperic (Hyperic HQ) are deprecated from version 6.3 onwards and will be removed from 7.0 onwards.

Event Logging Extension Point

A new implementation of the Event Logging Feature will be provided in a future version of 7.1. or higher. Therefore the extension points of the Event Logging feature (especially the use of custom routes) is deprecated. Note that the primary feature of Event Logging will be provided in the future. This depreciation note is only on the specific broad support of custom extensions / custom routes which will not be supported in the future version once the technical implementation is changed.

XACML / TAC Authorization Screen for RESTFul Data Service Authorization

The authorization from RESTful Data Services will be changed in the future to use OAuth2 Scopes instead of XACML, which is now limited to SAML Token Authentication. Whenever OAuth2 Scopes is supported for Authorization, the XACML / SAML Token based Authorization for RESTFul services will be removed in a future release.

This deprecation note is limited to the RESTful Data Services. For SOAP Data Services, the XACML authorization is still supported.

Request-Callback / Notification Communication Style SOAP Java Services

The Request-Callback and Notification Communication Style for SOAP Java Services, including the related Auxiliary Storage Service, are deprecated. This feature is only accessible/supported for ESB Java based Consumer/Provider. It was never exposed to the ESB Studio.