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We encourage you to consult the JIRA bug tracking tool for a full list of open issues:



Some SOQL queries are not supported for the guess schema and guess query features of tSalesforceInput.

  • the SOQL query using the aggregate function

  • the SOQL query using the TYPEOF expression

  • the SOQL query using alias

  • the prefix in the SOQL query is the same as the module name after FROM

    For example, SELECT Account.Name, (SELECT Contact.LastName FROM Account.Contacts) FROM Account is not supported, while SELECT Name, (SELECT LastName FROM Contacts) FROM Account that performs the same function is supported.

  • the SOQL query with multiple modules after FROM

    For example, SELECT Contact.Firstname, Account.Name FROM Contact,Contact.Account is not supported. However, the child-to-parent and parent-to-child relationship queries are supported, so this query can be improved to SELECT Firstname, Account.Name FROM Contact.

  • the SOQL query using toLabel()

  • the field with the underscore character '_' in its name

Java PSU is not supported.

Talend is only supported on Java CPU Versions, not Java PSU.

Some users reported problems using Talend Studio with Java PSU versions (such as jdk8_u92), but when reverting to a Java CPU Version (such as jdk8_u91) the problem was resolved.

See also:

Collation limitation with Access

Since 6.0, the Access components in Talend Studio support only the General collation mode.

OAuth mode in the Salesforce wizard

To establish a Salesforce connection using OAuth2 authentication, you need first to execute a Talend Job to obtain your token file and then initialize it in the wizard.

tParallelize in the context of Data Services Jobs and Routes

The tParallelize component is designed for Data Integration Jobs. Do not use it in the context of Data Services Jobs or Routes because it is not thread safe between parallel requests and will cause huge memory and CPU consumption. Use a Route if parallel processing is a requirement.



By default, macOs Sierra sets all downloaded files to "quarantine". This prevents you running the Studio.

  1. Unzip Talend Studio as usual.
  2. Open a Terminal window on the folder where you unzipped your Talend Studio.
  3. Execute either of the following commands: xattr -d * or xattr -c *