Data Integration: deprecated items - 6.5

Talend Data Fabric Release Notes

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Installation and Upgrade




Vertica 7.1 and all previous versions

Build Job types

The Axis WebService (WAR) and Axis WebService (ZIP) build job types

Commandline server option

The Enable Commandline server option used to add a remote CommandLine server

Talend Administration Center web service APIs

  • ConfigurationStateHelperService
  • AdministratorWebService

Talend Administration Center features

  • Publisher

    Consider using the Maven-based build instead.

  • SVN/GIT-based tasks in Job Conductor

    Consider using the Nexus tasks instead.

  • Backup (SVN + DB)

    SVN and DB administrators are responsible for performing the required backups.

  • Repository Browser
  • User libraries using SVN

    Consider transferring your SVN libraries to the Nexus Repository.

The Repository Migration feature of the Repository Manager

You should rely on deploying release version tasks from Nexus. In this case, you do not need to migrate repositories.