Talend Installer: known issues and known limitations - 6.5

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Embedded MongoDB does not support SSL configuration [TINSTL-1084]

The MongoDB embedded into the Installer does not support secured / SSL configuration mode.

To install a platform with secured connection with MongoDB, install a MongoDB edition which supports this feature and perform an installation connecting to this external MongoDB instance.

The Talend Tools Installer/Talend Studio Installer cannot be signed with a Windows Certificate.

When running Talend Tools Installer/Talend Studio Installer, a Windows protected your PC prompt may appear.

To continue with the installation, click Run anyway when prompted.



Clearing the Use Talend Log/Audit Server check box does not disable the audit capability in MDM.

Selecting Use Talend Log/Audit Server check box enables you to change the host in the Talend Log Server/Audit Host field.

To disable audit logging in MDM after the completing the installation using Talend Installer, comment out the talend.logging.audit.config property in talend.logging.audit.config=${mdm.root}/conf/audit.properties.

For more information, see Enabling and configuring the audit capability in MDM.