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REST API simplifies your interaction with the data stored on the Talend Data Preparation server by using a number of methods or request types.

You can access all REST API documentation pages based on Swagger and run requests.

First, you will have to enable access to Swagger by editing a parameter in the Talend Data Preparation configuration file.


  1. Open the <Installation_Path>/dataprep/config/ configuration file.
  2. Set the value for the service.documentation parameter to true.
    # Service documentation
    service.documentation=true Data Preparation - API
    service.documentation.description=This service exposes high level services that may involve services orchestration.
  3. Open a Web browser window and enter the following URL, where host and port correspond to the URL of your Talend Data Preparation instance:

    The Talend Data Preparation - API page opens and operations are classified into different categories as shown below:

  4. Click a category name to display the operation list under the category.
  5. Start testing the execution of different operations.