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Talend Data Preparation User Guide

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To make your preparations accessible to the other members of your organization, you can share the folder in which they are located.

Other users or groups of users will be able to open and edit your preparations.


  1. Click Preparations to open the list of preparations and folders containing preparations.
  2. Point your mouse over the folder you want to share in order to display the available options.
  3. Click the share icon to open the Share content for folder window.
  4. Browse the All Users and Groups list or use the Find user/group search bar to select a user or group.
  5. Click a user or group and click Add to List to add them to the list of collaborators.

    You can use Ctrl + Click or Shift + Click to select several users at a time.

  6. Click Confirm.


The selected users or groups have been added to the list of contributors and they can now see your folder in the Preparations view. They will be able to edit all the preparations contained in the shared folder, enabling collaborative work. To prevent users from overwriting the work of the others, only one person is able to access the preparation at a time.

What has been shared is the preparation, and not the dataset it is based upon.

In the Preparations view, you can distinguish if a folder is shared or not according to the following visual code:
  • A folder you own and has not been shared.
  • A folder that has been shared with you.
  • A folder you own and has been shared.