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Backing up a Talend Dictionary Service instance includes backing up the MongoDB which stores all the semantic entries.

Before starting the backup procedure, it is recommended to copy the dump file at <pathToTalendInstaller>/dq_dict/database/dump and save it in a place of your choice to keep a copy of the initial data. This dump file has the by-default semantic types.

Before you begin

  • Set up the environment variable for MongoDB by adding the below path to your user variables:



  1. Stop your Talend Dictionary Service instance.

    You can do the backup while the instance is running, but it is recommended to choose a period of low activity.

  2. Launch MongoDB.
  3. Open a command prompt window and execute the following commands to backup the current Talend Dictionary Service instance to a dump folder:
    • on Windows:
    • on Linux:
  4. To back up the configuration files, make a copy of the <path_to_installation_folder>/dq_dict/apache-tomcat/conf folder and save it to a secure place.
  5. If you have made any changes to the predefined semantic types using Talend Dictionary Service, you need to back up the changes stored in the folder specified in the <Data_Preparation_Path>/config/ file . For further information, see Backing up your Talend Data Preparation instance.


The backup of the current Talend Dictionary Service instance is completed and the file is saved at <pathToTalendInstaller>/dq_dict/database/dump.